Recent randomness I could not make up if I tried



Just a brief summary of my week:

Go on Tinder – meet a real human being. Weird.

Go to Missoula with kids – look at a rental house that I can`t walk all the way into because of the bad energy I feel and go running out.  I am now convinced that a. reincarnation exists, and b. I lived in Missoula in another life (I shit you not). Tell current love interest that I think I am the reincarnated soul of Sacagawea. A girl can dream.

Have best vacation ever in Missoula and find it hard to believe I will be moving there in a month.

I have the best kids ever. They make me more.

Meet a cool lady who asks me to live in her basement, a woman from Regina who is a server in Bigfork, and a couple whose daughter took creative writing at the University of Montana (SO FUCKING WEIRD)

Camp at the best campsite ever on the shore of Flathead Lake. Definitely died and went to heaven for a day.

Get home and find Divorce Certificate in mail. Weird that it`s not weird or even very important.

Happy to be me, here, and now. Weird and grateful.


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